Mince Pies and Covfefe

Recently here at William George, we did a relocation exercise to a wonderful building in the heart of our city, Peterborough. Our world of auctions is constantly evolving and in turn, so must the space around us. 

We have been at our new base, the Allia building for about 6 months now and it has allowed us to expand our operation in several ways!

From holding live sales on-site to arranging our very first valuation day. Not to mention all of the fun we can get up to with the other residents of the building.



If you don't know already: 

We are in the words of the Notorious B.I.G, slicker than your average. Timed, online auctions are our modus operandi and this separates us from our competitors in so many ways.

Our vendors keep their goods on-site meaning we can set up a sale in no time at all. This also means we aren't limited to selling only items that we store. 

This enables us to concentrate on supplying you unrivalled variety, quickly and consistently instead of us drowning in a warehouse of china and watches.

So instead of further depleting the ozone (which by all accounts, is something we need to survive, regardless of what old Donald says) by sending lorries up and down the country, we minimise our carbon footprint by letting them stay put. 


That's not the only different thing. 

When you are selling things you are trying to make money, not spend it. Other auction houses like to charge you a fee just for the chance of selling your item. Not with us. If you list your item in one of our collective auctions, you do so for free! 

Yeah, that's right, you can list your item in auction without even leaving your house or spending a single pound. 

What I am saying is, what are you waiting for? Raid that garage take some pictures and we'll do the rest. 


"Sometimes I like to go out"

Social creature are you? Just need a break from the four walls? 

We've got you covered. 

Our new space at the Allia building has granted us new opportunities to connect with our customers. Utilising the space here, we are inviting you over more and more. 

We have had two awesome live events already with our art auction being a highlight. We met some lovely bidders and sold some great pieces, and generally just had a good old social bash. 

Now we have our valuation day planned for the 30th of November 2019 and we are looking forward to seeing you all again!

There's tea and biscuits too, the nationally recognised bribing technique so you have to come. 



Our new friends:

With new digs comes new flatmates and we have been making sure they know who the auction rebels are! 

There is a fantastic reception/centre managing team here and they are a great source of entertainment especially for me...

Another bonus of being in this wonderful building is a joint Christmas party and luckily for me, I was asked to supply the poster for said event.

Having seen my photoshop prowess through some previous tongue in cheek works you would think they knew what they were getting... 




Unfortunately for some unknown reason, they have decided a picture of a table with some black Comic Sans is a bit more their bag. Myself, however, will be enjoying my Covfefe and Mince pies whether they like it or not.