How to budget overhaul your home

Thanks to Covid-19, many of us spent a lot of time staring at the same four walls this year. Suddenly noticing all the small imperfections in every room and quietly regretting our past trend-driven décor choices. If the pandemic has got you thinking about giving your house some much needed love, here are my quick tips on how to overhaul your home on a budget. 


Kitchens are one of the busiest rooms in the house, so it's no surprise they can quickly look tired. Consider updating damaged or dated worktops. This can be done as an individual project and will have a huge impact on the look of your kitchen. 

You could also think about replacing your cabinet doors. Most kitchen cabinets are a standard size, so replacement doors can be fitted to your existing units fairly easily. If this exceeds your budget, then painting your cabinets is a good option – don’t forget to paint the insides of your glass fronted cabinets. You could try doing this in a contrasting colour.   


If your bathroom suite is looking a little worn why not just replace the fittings like taps and plugs? This can give the effect of a new bathroom without the same cost implications as replacing the whole thing. Re-grouting or painting tiles may also be an easy and effective way to create a new, fresh look in your bathroom. 

If your budget is really tight, small touches like new accessories can create a fresher look. You can also use these to add some colour and texture into an otherwise drab bathroom.

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Have nothing on display in your bedroom that isn't conducive to relaxation. You can create a brand-new look and restore some calm by simply reorganising your storage and ridding your room of clutter. Make sure you are taking full advantage of all storage spaces, for example the space under your bed. If you're lacking drawer space, try hanging organisers for your wardrobe. 

Another way of creating a big impact on a budget is wallpaper. Find a design that really emphasises the scale and height of the ceiling to maximise your space. It can seem scary but larger patterns will make your room appear larger. If this is too adventurous for you then look for a larger pattern in a neutral colour. Centring the pattern on the wall can also make a massive difference. Apply it so that the pattern is cut equally on all sides. This will make your room feel bigger.

Living room 

Refocusing the layout of your living room could allow you to update your room without splashing out. Think about how you use the space and whether the layout is working for you. Decide on a focal point and work from there (this doesn’t have to be your TV). If you don’t have an obvious focal point, then you can create one with art. Art isn’t always cheap, but it’s a great investment and can really add character to your home. A great tip I learnt for hanging art is that the centre point of the piece should be 57 inches from the ground. This is the average eye level and the perfect point for viewing. 

Alice Margiotta is a freelance interior stylist and creative director. To find out more about her work, visit her website.

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