Guidelines for Sellers

Do you remember a time before self isolation and social distancing?

When people weren’t fighting over toilet roll and the word unprecedented was barely used?

What great times they were!

Whilst the world feels slightly chaotic right now, I wanted to reassure anyone selling in auction that it is business as usual here at William George and that we will continue to offer support and guidance on how to best sell your items in auction.

To those of you reading this that are perhaps used to selling ‘in the room’ with a more traditional auction house and are facing restrictions…

Welcome! You’ve come to the right place.

With all of our auctions being online, we understand the importance of providing our sellers with the tools and guidelines needed to assign their items into auction and achieve the best results possible.

For this reason, we have created the Sellers Hub.

A place for sellers to upload, keep track of their lots in auction as well as review and manage all sales achieved.

Seller Hub

We have also provided guidelines to support and encourage sellers to list items with clear and factual descriptions, along with quality images to ensure that our bidders experience in auction is enjoyable, stress free and one filled with confidence.

You can download these here:

Loose Gemstone Guidelines


Car & Commercial Vehicle Guidelines


Watch Guidelines


Jewellery Guidelines


Our account manager Adam provided some of his top tips to help you along:


With our auctions being online, bidders aren't able to physically interact with items - making the need for high quality images (at varying angles) of the utmost importance.

This allows bidders to get a greater understanding of how the item looks and gives them greater confidence in placing bids.



In order to engage with bidders, clear and factual descriptions cannot be recommended enough!

Having a solid product description, accompanied by images, can give the bidders enough information to make an informed decision. 

Luckily for you, we have made this even easier by providing guidelines for a number of auction categories, including Luxury Watches, Vehicles & Jewellery. 


Spelling & Grammar

Without sounding too much like your least favourite English teacher, errors can significantly affect the overall presentation of your item - with visible mistakes leading bidders to lose confidence and question the credibility of the item being sold.

To avoid this, we advise not submitting descriptions with rAndOm cAPital LettErs and using the tools available to check grammar and spelling.

Of course, we are still here to answer any questions that sellers may have.

As an account manager here at William George, it’s great being able to speak with people about selling in auction – whether to a first time seller about assigning their collection of vintage watches, advising businesses on how to get a greater return on redundant stock or meeting with people who have been selling in auction with us for years to offer assistance and advice on how to continue increasing sales with us.

If you are interested in selling in auction, want to discuss upcoming auction dates or would like to have a chat about making your auction listings the best that they can be, just get in touch.

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