Let’s not pretend – we all know the auction world is full of fakes.

You have to keep your wits about you to avoid being duped.

Here at William George – or WG as we are affectionately known as by our customers, our goal is to constantly improve the service we offer by educating our loyal buyers to help them spot counterfeit goods.

We’ve implemented plenty of methods of achieving this such as our FAQ’s, Bidding Tips, Blog Articles, striving to find the best vendors, weeding out those with poor feedback from customers and generally driving up standards day in day out.

We make ourselves more accessible by always answering the phone, giving bidders access to live chat, and creating our seller hub which allows sellers to upload and monitor their consigned lots 24/7.

All of these things help us to stand out far and above other auctioneers, and that’s without mentioning our unprecedented 0% seller commission (I just mentioned it), which helps sellers offer goods at more realistic prices and therefore allows our buyers to find bargains.

Despite all these efforts, in a dynamic and vibrant marketplace, one might still expect to see the occasional lot slip through the net. What you might not expect to see, is an entire auction house!

That is, however, exactly what I was confronted with this week!

I received an email from LinkedIn asking me to congratulate a contact on their (self) appointment as owner of a new auction house. Wonderful I thought! I love healthy competition and I’m genuinely passionate about driving transparency and fairness for all in a classically murky environment. Having forward-thinking people driving change in the industry keeps us on our toes as the leaders in the marketplace and ensures we can always stay clear of that mentality that says “we’ve always done It like this”.

So I clicked with interest to have a look at the new kid on the block….

You may be familiar with the phrase “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”.

To quote Oscar Wilde in full, “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery that mediocrity can pay to greatness”!

Well that’s very philosophical Mr. Wilde, but I don’t feel very flattered. In fact, I feel a little flattened. Just 1 letter, but it makes a real difference, doesn’t it? Never more true when, as I mentioned before, our customers know us as WG. So, if you are considering starting your very own auction house denoted by two letters, perhaps pick from the other 24 on offer.

A coincidence perhaps, I hear you say? Yes if the owner wasn’t a very recent customer of ours. Add to that a nice shade of dark blue and a loose mention of 0% seller commission and you might find yourself outed as a poor copy.

Fortunately, with our experience, we can spot this one a mile off – and we certainly hope you can too. Accept no imitations. I could tell you a few easy ways of telling the difference, in this case between our auction house and the other in question, but I don’t need to. You see the thing about differentiating between an original and a poor copy, is intangible. It’s just a feel. Trust your instincts. We make the best decisions when we go with our gut.

I believe in what we do here, and the fact that we strive to improve every day. Are we perfect? Not yet. But we are reaching for the stars and we want to take our loyal customers with us.

Not sure? Why not give us a call, and speak to any one of us who will work hard to help you. Take a look at our meet the team page on wgandco.com – we’re normal hardworking folk, and we want you to get to know us and enjoy your experience alongside us. This is something you can’t fake.

You can take our logo, you can take our name – but you will never take our ETHOS!