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Your dream car is closer than you think

The cars you had on your wall, argued relentlessly about and gawped at in the street are not a million miles away.

Online auctions are a fantastic place to buy and sell the cars you've always dreamed of and this guide is here to explain why they're more attainable than you think.

Whether it's an elegant Rolls-Royce, a classic E-Type or even a ferocious Aston Martin, these cars are only a few clicks away!

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Classic Car Auctions

Classic Car auctionsImage Via - Autocar

A classic car has a certain nostalgia about it which takes you back to the first time you saw it. 

Icons like the Jaguar E-type, Ferrari 250 GTO, Aston Martin DB5 are design classics that stick in your memory. In the age of hot hatches and mass production, beautifully crafted cars from before you were born turn the most heads.

There's an ongoing debate about classic cars and what constitutes one. It's a hot topic which involves the DVLA, insurance companies and drivers.

We answered the question along with other classifications such as vintage, veteran and more. Check out our guide and let us know your thoughts: Classic, Veteran and Vintage Car? What’s the difference?

With this in mind, here are classic cars that you can bid, win and love with us.


Jaguar's heritage dates back to 1922 as the Swallow Sidecar Company.

Founded by William Lyon, his philosophy was to combine performance and beauty. 

A car which illustrates this is no doubt the Jaguar E-Type. Boasting elegant lines and sensual curves, Enzo Ferrari called it the 'most beautiful car in the world.'

The Jaguar E-Type is an example of many cars that Jaguar made which illustrate the spirit of their founder. Take a look at their story and explore more about this historic brand: few.

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Did you know that the MINI was designed on a napkin?

MINI has become a staple of British design and their revolutionary FWD concept changed the landscape of car engineering. 

Achieving worldwide fame in an array of cinematic hits such as the Italian Job, Austin Powers and more, they continue to grace our roads 50 years after their introduction!


Prestige Car Auctions

prestige cars in auctionImage Via - country Life

A prestige car combines luxury with elegant design.

The driving experiences they offer are second to none because they are designed to offer the smoothest drives that you can imagine. Boasting an array of gadgets, they offer a new world for the driver.

Prestige cars usually carry a rich history and these brands have exactly that. 

Bentley Motors

Bentley Continental GTImage Via - Top Gear

Bentley celebrated their 100th anniversary in 2019 and their story is full of every emotion. 

Their founder, Walter Owen Bentley, had a philosophy of building the fast car, a good car, the best in its class. 

Considered as a contradiction at the time, this philosophy yielded a rich history in motorsport which includes 5 wins at Le Mans.

Transferring these ideals to the world, it resulted in the groundbreaking Continental which continues to lead the way in the GT market.

You can read more about their story here: The History of Bentley Motors.

Rolls-Royce Car Motors

Creating some of the most desirable cars in the world, Rolls-Royce can be thought of as the pinnacle of luxury. 

The iconic British carmaker is most known for their phantom series which pushes the boundaries of luxury and comfort. 

Now on the 8th generation, as of November 2019, the Phantom remains a staple of luxury around the world.

Check out their story here: The History of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars.

Performance Car Auctions

Sports Car auctionsImage Via -

You never know you're in a sports car until you put your foot down on the pedal. This feeling is amplified once you venture onto supercars. These machines were built for speed. 

The concept of speed is thrown out of the window with hypercars as they are designed to push boundaries. 

Either way, performance cars give you an experience that you never forget.

For the purists or the generally curious, have you ever wondered what the difference is between sports, super and hypercars? We did! Check out our guide: Sports Car, Supercar and Hypercar - what's the difference? 

Check out the performance cars that you can find in auction.


Lamborghini's cars are a combination of speed and design. Their story started with an argument with none other than Enzo Ferrari! Check out their story: The Story of Lamborghini.

Ever since the Miura, they've created an enviable lineage of cars that continue to redefine speed. 

Take a look at the SVJ Aventador. Taking the lap record at the Nurburgring, it illustrates Lamborghini's attention to detail.

One thing Lamborghini does well is creating a presence with their cars. Their unique design and ferocious lines is an easy way to steal the spotlight.

Aston Martin

There's just something about Aston Martin..

Their iconic partnership with the James Bond franchise completely transformed the fortunes of the British marque as their international reputation went through the roof.

Their performance on-screen is matched in motorsport where they secured wins in series like Sebring and Le Mans and launched Aston Martin Racing. 

With ambitions to launch an array of new cars, they will push Aston Martin into an exciting new direction. You can read more about this here: The History of Aston Martin

Final Words

No matter what car you're looking for, you'll be surprised at how many of them can be found in auction. 

Whether it's a classic, prestige or performance car, online auctions can be a fantastic way to find a new car. 

If you're confused about the process, check out our guide here: How Do Online Car Auctions Work?

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