Careful what you wish for

Here at William George, there is nothing we love more than watching numbers going up. It’s our job, after all, to put quality lots in front of our buyers and to secure the highest price possible for our sellers.

This week though has felt a little different.

The world has been turned upside down.

As we collectively sit and watch the numbers on the news going up, we all share the sadness and fear in equal measure, and we’re willing the digits to turn out as low as possible at the close of each day.

As with all unthinkable world events, the news brings them to our doors, but we feel a little disconnect, and we retreat into the relative comfort of our homes. That was true, in this case, just a few weeks ago. Now our sanctuary has become our cell – and we can’t just turn off the tele and forget about this one.

Funny discussions take place across the nation as we try to balance panic with bravado and feed them into the equation with all the statistics to convince ourselves we will be OK.

Well, what do we know about our enemy?
If you’re over 80 and you’ve got underlying health conditions, then you probably want to avoid it.

You’d be forgiven for thinking of a stroke as an underlying condition. Throw in having 7 stents after a heart attack over a decade ago, and you might as well call yourself Victor Meldrew if you contract Corona.

In one of the most miraculous stories of success against the odds an 80yr old man suffered a stroke at home 2 weeks ago and was taken into hospital for treatment. The very next day, he began to exhibit symptoms of Corona and tested positive. Clinically one might describe the circumstances as sub-optimal.

12 days on, and the subject of our story was back at home, reciting Wordsworth and having taught himself how to describe his ordeal in Russian no less. So, who is this extraordinary man, and to what does he credit his incredible resilience?

I’m unashamedly proud to say – he’s my Dad – and he’s hard as nails. In fact, he is mostly made of nails following another brush with death when he was smashed into pieces by a lorry 40 years prior and before my birth!

So how could you some up his mood now? He might say something like “Business As Usual!” Catchy I think – and neatly aligned with our philosophy here at William George. Despite the challenges on the horizon, we are taking inspiration from My Old Man and fighting hard to meet our usual high standards.
I hope his story can put a smile on your face in a time of extraordinary need, and I hope we can ease the pain a little too.