A gem of a heavyweight title fight

Just like Wilder, it is time for us to pick our jaws up off the canvas and review exactly what happened last week. We may have a better chance of recollecting the night's events, mainly due to not having them consistently knocked out of our heads as quickly as they happened.

Tyson Fury cemented his place as one of the greatest heavyweights of all time with an emphatic victory over the USA's biggest hitter. Coming out of his corner at pace from the off it was evident Tyson was taking the offensive route and playing Wilder at his own game.

Fury fired fierce shots at Wilder early and a look of bewilderment dawned on Deontay. Wild-eyed Wilder seemed shocked at the power he was facing. The Bronze Bomber, we must remember, hasn't been hit that much before. Usually, his overbearing and offensive style stifles the opponent's attempts, causes them to flail allowing him to let off the Alabama hammer and pop them down for 10 winks. This was a new type of fight for him. Fresh in the knowledge that his most powerful shot last time, couldn't cut the mustard and now, starting on the back foot.

Tyson had claimed he would go for the knockout and many of us weren't sure he had it in him. Any doubts were firmly put to bed by round 3. Deontay had to peel himself from the canvas the look he shot toward Fury said he didn't want to feel another of those shots. Unfortunately for him, he had visited the canvas for a second time. It was deemed a slip by Bayliss the referee but it was evident he had had some of the fight jabbed out of him.

Wilder was down again in the 4th and 5th and despite some generous time delays from Bayliss, nothing was going to help him. His eyes, hollow and his power depleted. He traversed the ring like a ghost in a derelict home. However, this ghost was the one being haunted. Fury had seen the weaknesses of Wilder in their first meeting and was capitalising on them in their second. He walked Wilder down constantly, gave him nowhere to hide, and used any drop in Deontay's concentration to unleash a barrage of devastating body shots and headshots.

The fight was over in almost everybody's eyes except Wilder. Anyone in the room could sense that but unfortunately due to the previous pummelling, I fear Wilder was not "in the room". His head was gone and his legs had betrayed him 4 rounds earlier. he headed into the 6th looking tired and apprehensive. Fury did not let up and forced Wilder to use the ropes as support, they were the only thing supporting Deontay at this stage, even his corners belief was waining. Their fighter was struggling.

Round 7 ensued and a vacant Wilder bumbled forward to take another expected beating. After another consistent pasting from Tyson, a lost Wilder stared through both Bayliss and his opponent as the towel entered the ring. Bayliss waved the fight off and 20 seconds later Wilder crashed back down to earth and realised what was happening. He had been stripped of the title he held for so long and extremely convincingly. There were no lucky shots, it didn't come down to just one second. It was an absolute masterclass in boxing, one-sided, calculated and executed to perfection.

Now any boxing enthusiast would say that Wilder was beaten fair and square. There would be no face lost if Wilder were to come out and say just that but unfortunately our beloved gemstones have been brought into the mix. That's right, Wilder didn't blame nutrition, boxing style or Fury's dominance. He blamed his fancy costume. At 16st + you'd reckon he'd be able to lug around 18kg (the costumes alleged weight) for 15 minutes whilst at the peak of physical fitness. I am 11 st wet through and can wang two 10kg dumbells around for 3 times as long. Guaranteed I don't have a 7ft man hitting me in the face very hard afterwards, but I am not a trained professional fighter. If I were, and I found my elaborate getup to be the thing that hampered me, you could bet I wouldn't be publicising it. Being punched in the face a lot probably does make you say and think strange things, however, so let's see how the stories develop.


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