2 Ply or not 2 Ply

You are probably reading this from within a fort of toilet rolls chomping down on dry pasta and if you are, shame!

The nation has gone hysterical, and the only comforts we need in a crisis are, apparently 2-ply and fusilli, god forbid that you'd be foolish enough only to have enough for the time you might be inside. I, for one, left my hysteria at the door, and I am now paying the price. Bouncing from panic buyer to panic buyer like an atom in an ever depleted shop, I snaffle the small bits I require FOR THE DAY from beneath their ever-increasing grip. A pack of bacon and some cheese and crumpets fill my basket, the remaining space is taken up by glaring shoppers. "Does he know there's a pandemic?" "It's like he doesn't think he's going to be sat on the loo for 14 days straight!" "Ha, look! No pasta". Well glare on, and when you find yourself with 40 extra toilet rolls, please donate them to someone who needs them. Invite some people over for a nice Italian meal, and lord knows you'll have the pasta to facilitate.

We however here at William George are trying to keep our heads, remain sensible and do all we can to provide you with great auctions safely!
We reacted as quick as we could to the news and began planning ways we could efficiently provide you with our services from the safety of home.

Being online, we had a bit of head start, and scientists are yet to find any reason to think the virus will work its way down the web tubes meaning your computer is a safe play to shop! Of course, there are still logistical challenges to our operation. Yet, with a plethora of helpful vendors extending collection times and offering delivery where possible, we have found a way to make it work!

We are missing our daily office hijinks together but have set ourselves up to cope the best we can.

Let's see a few of the attempts at home working shall we?


WFH picturesArtboard 1
WFH picturesArtboard 1 copy

WFH picturesArtboard 1 copy 3

WFH picturesArtboard 1 copy 2

WFH picturesArtboard 1 copy 4


Maybe you have found yourself trapped in the confines of your own home. Let us know how you are coping during the pandemic and give us some tips to keep us sane?

We will do our best to cure your boredom with great auction catalogues!


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